The World's 7 Greatest Sandwiches

Grilled cheese, USA

A sandwich that needs no formal introduction, the grilled cheese is a classic comfort food with universal appeal. Primarily gooey, melted cheese gluing two slices of bread together, it can be jazzed up with slices of ham, tomato and onion


Salty bacon is essential, lettuce adds crisp texture, tomato gives a juicy, fresh note and, depending on your taste, mayonnaise or mustard bring it all together, whether it's made with toasted or untoasted bread.

Reuben, USA

A hot offering, the Reuben combines salty, thinly sliced corned beef, melted Swiss cheese and piquant sauerkraut, served on toasted rye bread.

Bánh mì, Vietnam

Another example of how sandwiches make for great street food the Vietnamese bánh mì looks similar to a traditional French baguette, but is made with rice flour for a light, airy texture

Strammer Max, Germany

The Strammer Max originated in 1920s Berlin, and is now a kitchen staple across Germany. An open sandwich of a slice of bread fried in butter, topped with ham and a fried egg.

Club sandwich, USA

The club sandwich has its origins in the Big Apple, dating back to the late 1800s. Today, it's still popular in bars, at lunchtime in restaurants and bistros, and on room service menus.

Shawarma, Turkey

A shawarma is a kind of kebab, or gyros, that's popular across the Middle East and North Africa, though it's widely believed to have originated in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.

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