The Most Expensive Foods In The World


Saffron is extracted from the stigma of the Crocus sativatus flower. Each flower has just three stigmas, and they must be gently harvested by hand.

Da Hong Pao tea

Some varieties are fairly affordable, but aged Da Hong Pao teas are more precious than gold. In fact, by weight this tea sells for 30 times the price of gold.

Bonnotte potatoes

The Bonnotte is a small, round potato with fragile skin that can only be harvested by hand, just 15 days a year. The price can reach up to US$588 (CA$800) per kg.

Almas caviar

Almas caviar comes from a rare species of fish, the albino beluga sturgeon, which swims in Iran’s Caspian Sea. It regularly sells for more than US$30,000 (CA$40,788) per kg.

Alba’s white truffle

The truffle is a variety of mushroom that grows up to 30 cm underground. It is difficult - some may even say impossible - to grow, which explains its exorbitant price. 

Kopi luwak coffee

Kopi luwak coffee sells at US$35 to $100 (CA$48 to $136) per cup.Kopi luwak coffee beans are extracted from the feces of the civet, a small Indonesian mammal.

Densuke watermelon

In 2008, a Densuke watermelon was sold for US$6,100 (CA$8,300). Densuke watermelons are very rare and are grown only on Hokkaido Island.

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