The Best Street Food Around The World

Pad Thai - Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s national dish features rice noodles, fried egg, and tofu, served with a variety sauces and seasonings. You’ll find it on the menu at every tourist restaurant!

Taiyaki - Tokyo, Japan

This pretty fish-shaped pastry is (traditionally) filled with sweet red bean paste and served warm. Taiyaki is perfect when the mercury drops and ideal for an Instagram post.

Shave ice - Honolulu, Hawaii

A Hawaiian snow cone (called “shave ice” by locals) is a small mountain of shaved ice (not crushed, giving it an almost powdery consistency) topped with colourful flavoured syrups.

Hot dog - New York City, United States

While hot dogs are served in a multitude of ways across the United States, New York City’s classic version features a 100% beef sausage served in a steamed bun.

Arepas - Bogota, Colombia

Whether enjoyed for breakfast (with cheese or egg filling), as a meal (with meat), or as a snack (on their own), these little cornmeal breads are very versatile, and thus extremely popular.

Pierogi - Warsaw, Poland

This is the Polish version of Chinese dumplings. Fluffy and flavourful, they’re often served with an assortment of toppings, such as bacon and sour cream.

Poutine - Quebec, Canada

Morning, noon, and night, poutine can be made in 1,001 ways to please all palates, but the classic version features three essential ingredients: fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy.

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