7 Healthy Eco Friendly Sea Foods

Alaskan Salmon

Rich in omega-3s, wild-caught Alaskan salmon is MSC-certified, ensuring both health benefits and eco-friendly sourcing.


Small, quick to reproduce, and high in omega-3s, sardines are a sustainable choice for heart-healthy seafood lovers.


Filter-feeders, mussels require minimal resources, offering a nutritious seafood option while positively impacting water quality.

Rainbow Trout

A responsibly farmed option, rainbow trout provides omega-3s and essential nutrients, making it a healthy and eco-conscious choice.

Pacific Halibut

Sourced from well-managed fisheries, Pacific halibut is a lean, nutritious fish that supports both your health and sustainable fishing practices.


With low environmental impact and rich in nutrients, clams are a sustainable choice, providing a healthy seafood option that benefits both you and the ecosystem.

Arctic Char

Raised in closed systems, Arctic char is a cold-water fish that offers omega-3s and is environmentally friendly when sourced responsibly.

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