Healthy Twists On All Your Favourite Comfort Food Classics

Chicken Parmesan

Our version uses courgette spaghetti, the chicken isn't breaded and it's cooked in a rich, herby tomato sauce with passata. There's a cheesy crumb topping to add the familiar crunch.

Chicken burgers

Crispy fried chicken, melted cheese, plenty of mayo – chicken burgers tick all the comfort food boxes. But you could try a healthier, yet still tasty, version. Marinate chicken in buttermilk so it's super tender, then bake in a hot oven, rather than frying.

Pasta with meatballs

We've transformed the original dish, which can be pretty high in saturated fat, into a veggie version served with a marinara sauce. The meatiness comes from a mixture of dried mushrooms and lentils.


We have a healthy vegan version which is perfect for breakfast or lunch. It's a combination of tofu, plantain, plenty of spices and vegetables, and served with a punchy tomato salsa.

Macaroni cheese

Mac 'n' cheese is undoubtedly one of the best comfort foods ever, and you can reduce the carb-loading by replacing half the pasta with cauliflower.

Mushroom chow mein

Big on veggies with less noodles than your average takeout portion, this chow mein still hits the spot. It's packed with bold, fresh flavours thanks to ginger, chilli, garlic and a punchy Sichuan sauce.


For adults only (the sauce contains vodka), they are loaded with spicy prawns and a tasty celeriac slaw. Tabasco gives a good kick to the sauce.

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