Fantastic McDonald's Items Around The World We're Missing Out On

Ebi Burger, Hong Kong

The Filet-O-Fish may not be the most popular item on the menu in many places but, at McDonald’s Hong Kong, seafood burgers are the main attraction.

Corn Pie, Thailand

A sweet treat for McDonald’s fans in Thailand is the Corn Pie, which comes in the signature apple pie shell but is stuffed with a sweet, salty and creamy corn filling.

Cheesy Eggdesal, Philippines

Love cheese omelettes? Then you’ll love the Cheesy Eggdesal breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s Philippines. It features a fluffy, folded egg, with melted cheese in the middle, in a soft, toasted bun.

Panzerotti, Italy

Head to McDonald’s in Italy and you can get warm, cheese and tomato–filled Panzerotti. We think these little pasty-like snacks are genius and would make a perfect pre-burger appetiser.

Mango McFlurry, Malaysia

The perfect post-burger dessert, the fruity Mango McFlurry found at McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia combines the best of both worlds.

Poutine, Canada

McDonald’s Canada has elevated the restaurant's already incredibly moreish fries by serving them in a version of poutine, the country's much-loved signature dish.

Taro Pie, China

You might think golden, crunchy Apple Pie is central to a McDonald’s dessert menu, but not in China. Instead they have Taro Pie and Pineapple Pie.

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