9 Outdoor Items You Should Never Leave Outside During Winter


Electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and cameras, can be damaged by extreme cold temperatures. Cold weather can affect battery life and overall performance.


Cold weather can reduce the efficiency of batteries, causing them to lose power more quickly. Store batteries in a cool, dry place indoors.

Garden Hoses

Water left inside garden hoses can freeze and cause the hose to crack. To prevent damage, drain the hoses and store them indoors.

Outdoor Furniture

Wooden or metal furniture left outside can be damaged by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Store or cover outdoor furniture to protect it from the winter elements.

Power Tools

Cold temperatures can negatively impact the performance and lifespan of power tools. Store them in a dry, insulated space to prevent damage.

Paint and Chemicals

Freezing temperatures can cause paint and certain chemicals to become unusable or unsafe. Store these items in a temperature-controlled environment.

Car Care Products

Items like car wax, windshield washer fluid, and other automotive chemicals can be affected by freezing temperatures. Store these in a garage or other insulated area.

Sports Equipment

Items like bicycles, skateboards, and other sports equipment can be damaged by winter weather. Store them in a garage or other protected space.

Outdoor Plants in Containers

Potted plants left outside can suffer from frost damage. Move them to a sheltered area or indoors to protect them during winter.

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