7 Makeup Tips Your Mother Taught You That Are Actually Wrong

Foundation Match

Instead of testing foundation on your hand, where the skin tone may differ, try it on your jawline for a more accurate color match to your face.

Concealer vs. Eyelid Primer

While concealer on eyelids is common, eyelid primers are specifically formulated for better eyeshadow adhesion and preventing creasing.

Lip Liner Rule

It's not mandatory for lip liner to match your lipstick exactly. Experiment with slightly different shades for dimension.

Blush Placement

Applying blush higher on your cheekbones can give a lifted and more natural appearance than just on the apples of your cheeks.

Lash Curling Order

Some people find that curling lashes after applying mascara helps hold the curl better.

Concealer Setting

If you have dry skin, skipping powder can result in a more radiant finish when setting your concealer.

Eyeliner Placement

Applying eyeliner on the upper lash line, in addition to the lower waterline, can enhance the eyes and make them appear larger.

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