7 Rude Things People Do At The Salon

Being Late

Arriving late for an appointment can disrupt the salon's schedule and inconvenience both the stylists and other clients.

Talking on the Phone

Constantly talking on the phone during a salon service can be disruptive to the stylist and other clients, as well as impolite.

Not Communicating Clearly

Failing to communicate your preferences clearly or being indecisive can make it difficult for the stylist to meet your expectations.

Not Tipping

It's customary to tip salon staff for their services. Neglecting to do so, especially when the service is satisfactory, can be considered impolite.

Being Rude to Staff

Treating salon staff with disrespect or impatience is never acceptable. They are there to provide a service and should be treated with courtesy.

Bringing Too Many Friends

While bringing a friend for support is fine, bringing a large group that disrupts the salon's environment can be considered rude.

Touching Salon Equipment

Do not touch salon tools without authorization. Clients should respect the salon's organization because stylists need their instruments.

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