7 Flooring Trends That Will Be Big In 2024

Eco Chic

Embrace sustainable chic with eco-friendly flooring like bamboo or cork. Nature-inspired designs and materials will dominate, providing a timeless and environmentally conscious appeal.

Aqua Armor

Waterproof wonders are here to stay! LVP and advanced ceramics will rule, offering style and resilience in moisture-prone spaces. Stay ahead with durable, water-resistant flooring.

Colorful Statements

Make a statement with vibrant flooring! Bold patterns, colorful tiles, and lively carpets will take the spotlight, allowing homeowners to showcase their personality and create visually stunning spaces.

Tactile Textures

Elevate your space with texture! From hand-scraped wood to embossed finishes, textured floors add depth and character. Experience the tactile beauty that brings warmth and interest to every room.

Mixed Dynamics

Break free from the ordinary! Explore mixed-width and mixed-length planks for a dynamic, organic look. Whether it's hardwood or wood-look, this trend adds visual interest and a touch of natural beauty.

Concrete Chic

Industrial elegance is on the rise! Concrete-inspired flooring offers a modern and sophisticated look. Its versatility makes it a key player in contemporary design schemes.

Smart Surfaces

Welcome the future with smart flooring solutions! Integrated technology and adaptive surfaces will become mainstream, offering functionality and connectivity in modern living spaces.

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