medium red

Pinnacle Ridge, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Tasting Notes

wild berry




Pairing Suggestions

Red Pizza

Roasted Wild Mushroom


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Pinnacle Ridge Winery is situated in Pennsylvania Dutch Country focusing on both Vitis Vinifera
The grape species most commonly used on a widespread basis in commercial winemaking
and French-American hybrid
The crossing / breeding of two or more Vitis grape species - typically Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Labrusca
The grape species native to North America and the second most important grape species, behind Vitis Vinifera
to create a new grape variety. This is often done as a means to cultivate a grape that is more disease and pest-resistant.
grapes. Brad Knapp established the winery in 1993 housed in a beautifully renovated Pennsylvania bank barn, originally built in 1851. He philosophy is that of minimal intervention and organic
Maintaining agricultural systems without the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin, and without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
practices. This is a delightfully elegant wine that showcases the potential of eastern Pennsylvania's winemaking capabilities. The vineyards are located on shale soils - comprised of clay and other minerals, particularly quartz. We're excited to share this really lovely PA wine with you, showcasing the Chambourcin grape - a French-Amercian hybrid bred to withstand a challenging growing environment, and - fun fact - one of the few known "teinturier
A red wine grape with dark skins and flesh. In contrast, regular red wine grapes have dark skins, but clear flesh. Fittingly, the word “teinturier” comes from the French “to dye or stain.” There are only a few known teinturier grapes.
" grapes.
225 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
(412) 505-5677

Pinnacle Ridge


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