light red

Ochota Barrels “A Sense of Compression”, McLaren Vale, Australia

Tasting Notes

dried cherry

raspberry yogurt

red miso


Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza

Carrot + Beet Tartare


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Punk rock lover, surfer, and winemaker Taras Ochota was a pioneer in Australia for daring to draw outside the lines - favoring a fresh, less-is-more approach to his winemaking -- and he unintentionally became the face of the natural wine scene in Australia. Tragically, Taras passed away in 2020, not long after working on this very vintage. His wife Amber carried the torch to bottle the 2021 vintage (limited new releases coming soon), but what the longterm plan is for Ochota Barrels remains unclear. For now, do yourself a favor and grab one of these very limited bottles while you can, and treasure the life this wine brings. "Music and wine are so connected in so many ways, I reckon you can often see the styles of music people like in the wines they make...I like edgy music, rawer, sharper, and my wines tend to be all elbow and knees sticking out...I want all the wines I make to have a tightness; a coiled nature; a sense of compression..." - Taras Ochota
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Ochota Barrels “A Sense of Compression”


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