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Malvira “Rive Gauche”, Piemonte, Italy

Tasting Notes

White Peach

Wild Rose

Sea Salt


Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza


MOB Salad

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Malvira Winery was established in the 1950s under the guidance of Giuseppe Damonte who was a visionary -- understanding that during those years the Roero region had not yet maximized its vineyard capabilities and grape-growing potential. Today the estate is run by Giuseppe's sons Massimo and Roberto Damonte who continue to elevate and demonstrate the wonderful qualities of one of Piemonte's signature white grapes, Arneis. We're excited about this sparkling version - which undergoes its second fermentation in tank (Charmat Method
A method of sparkling wine production in which the second fermentation takes place in a tank, rather than inside the bottle. Numerous quality sparkling wines are made this way, and it yields a wine that emphasize youthful, floral, and primary fruit aromas. AKA Tank Method.
) and sees zero dosage
Also known in French as "Liqueur d'Expedition," this is the final step in traditional method
Arguably the most appreciated method for sparkling wine production in terms of quality, and at the same time it is also the most costly in terms of production. The most important facet of the traditional method is that the second fermentation that yields its signature bubbles happens inside the bottle. AKA Champagne Method.
sparkling wine production where a small "dose" or addition of concentrated grape must is added to the bottle prior to corking the wines in order to balance the wine's acidity
Acids occur naturally in grapes, with acidity in a wine referring to its tartness level. It creates a mouthwatering sensation in the mouth and plays a vital role in providing structure and balance in a wine. Wines without enough acidity are often referred to as "flabby" (water, for example, lacks acidity).
, or to simply top off the wine when some of the liquid is lost in the disgorgement process,
for a super crisp, savory and floral expression.
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Malvira “Rive Gauche”


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