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Krizstina Csetvei, Mór, Hungary

Tasting Notes


lemon zest

yellow apple


Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza


Leafy Salad

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The Ezerjó grape is native to the Mór region in Hungary which is marked by its limestone soils. Krizstina Csetvei has devoted herself to showcasing the beauty of the region through its terroir
The combined natural aspects of a vineyard, such as climate, soil, sunlight, and water, that can have a major impact on the overall character and quality of a wine. While no direct English translation exists for this French term, it has long been adopted throughout the wine community.
, native grape Ezerjó, and a slew of other native and non-native grapes. In a rather short amount of time Krisztina has become a leading force in a new generation of Hungarian winemakers focusing on native varietals, organic
Maintaining agricultural systems without the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin, and without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
farming, and minimal intervention wines. Given the pronounced acidity
Acids occur naturally in grapes, with acidity in a wine referring to its tartness level. It creates a mouthwatering sensation in the mouth and plays a vital role in providing structure and balance in a wine. Wines without enough acidity are often referred to as "flabby" (water, for example, lacks acidity).
of Ezerjó, it has a great ability to age. So grab one to drink now and one to open in a few more years.
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Krizstina Csetvei


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