Pinot Noir

medium red

Hundred Suns “Old Eight Cut”, Willamette Valley, OR

Pinot Noir
Tasting Notes

black cherry




Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza

Roasted Wild Mushroom


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Grant Coulter (also the winemaker at Flaneur Wines) and Renée Saint-Amour took their love for each other and passion for winemaking to create Hundred Suns in 2018 on a 4.5 acre property in the Eola-Amity hills where an old vineyard is now their childrens’ backyard. Old Eight Cut refers to a diamond cut dating back to the 1400s using simple tools and few cuts to enhance the natural brilliance of the stone without disguising its true nature. It is with that ethos that this cellar selection stitches together pieces from unique sites across the Willamette Valley. Individual lots are fermented with native yeast
Rather than using a commercial strain of yeast - many winemakers prefer to let the yeasts that are naturally occuring on the grapes when they come into the winery to start the fermentation process. This lends to the idea of a "sense of place" or terroir
The combined natural aspects of a vineyard, such as climate, soil, sunlight, and water, that can have a major impact on the overall character and quality of a wine. While no direct English translation exists for this French term, it has long been adopted throughout the wine community.
of a wine, given that any particular native yeast is unique to that particular region / mircroclimate / vineyard.
& a variety of traditional & experimental techniques to create a layered wine of great complexity - though first and foremost, totally delicious. We are lucky to have just a small amount of their 2019 vintage, as they weren't make wine in 2020 due to the wildfire devastation in the region.
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Hundred Suns “Old Eight Cut”


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