Field Blend


Gabernik Piquette Rose, Slovenia

Field Blend
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watermelon Jolly Rancher


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McKees Rocks Red Pizza

Carrot + Beet Tartare


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Grape must (skins, pulp, seeds, stems) leftover from wine fermentation is used to make Piquette by adding water and sugar and allowing this mixture to ferment. It yields a love alcohol, slightly fizzy wine that is refreshing and easy to drink.
is a style of "wine" that actually utilizes a wine's pomace -- the dense clumps of grape skins, seeds, stems and pulp that remain after juice has been pressed for wine -- then water and sugar is added to the pomace and bottled, making a slightly frizzante, low-alcohol beverage. Derived from the French word for 'prick' or 'prickle', which describes the drink's slight fizz, piquette dates to ancient Greek and Roman times, and in France it's said to have been the preferred drink of vineyard workers. Janko Bogatic is the man behind Gabernik 23, based around the village of Ritoznoj in north east Slovenia - where he utilizes a field blend of indigenous white and red grapes for his rosé piquette - resulting in a lovely, light, pink-fruited bubbly that makes a super versatile food pairing. Try this for brunch if you're looking for a low abv option. Organic
Maintaining agricultural systems without the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin, and without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
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Gabernik Piquette Rose


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