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orange / tawny

Domus Susak “Sansego Bianco Botte”, Susak, Croatia

Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
Tasting Notes

dried mango


sea shells


Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza

Carrot + Beet Tartare


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The island of Susak is just off the coast of mainland Croatia - though in ode to the island's Italian history, the Cosulich family has chosen to incorporate its Italian name "Sansego" on the label. Susak's sandy soils and ocean-infuenced Mediterranean climate provide an ideal vineyard setting, while the island’s isolation from the mainland minimizes the risk of grape diseases. As a result, Sansego wines can be considered "naturally organic
Maintaining agricultural systems without the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin, and without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
" given there are virtually no vine diseases on the island. The skin contact
A term typically used to distinguish a white wine that has been macerated or allowed to soak with its skins during fermentation. Also known as “orange wine,” “amber wine” or ramato style.
time here is relatively short at 5-7 days lending just a bit of body
Body is a measure of how full and rich a wine tastes -- oily, waxy, viscous, and velvety are terms to describe this. Body is dependent on the grape variety, alcohol level, sweetness, ripeness of fruit, and to some extent how the wine is made.
and texture without too much tannin
Tannins are naturally occurring polyphenols found in such plants and food items as grapes skins, seeds, wood, dark chocolate and black tea. In the mouth tannins lend a "grippy" drying feeling and are desireable if balanced with the other elements in a wine (acidity
Acids occur naturally in grapes, with acidity in a wine referring to its tartness level. It creates a mouthwatering sensation in the mouth and plays a vital role in providing structure and balance in a wine. Wines without enough acidity are often referred to as "flabby" (water, for example, lacks acidity).
, body, sweetness). If you have trouble drinking a very tannic wine, try it with high-protein foods (meat, tempeh/bean dishes) - the tannin proteins will bind to the food proteins to create a softer effect on the palate.
. Organic practicing.
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Domus Susak “Sansego Bianco Botte”


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