orange Blend
orange / tawny

Cardedu “Bucce Bianco”, Sardinia, Italy

Vermentino, Cannonau, Nasco
Tasting Notes

orange creamsicle

sea salt



Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza

Choppy Salad


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The vineyards of Cardedu (car-DAY-doo) are in the area of Ogliastra, the most mountainous and least populous province on the island; a land of turquoise shimmer and ragged-dry
An indication of sweetness
Sweetness in a wine can result from residual sugar (RS) which is the unfermented grape sugars left over in the wine after fermentation has completed, or it can result from the addition of concentrated grape must prior to bottling in the case of sparkling wine production.
level found on the label of sparkling wine. This expression will have noticeable sweetness with 17-32 grams of residual sugar per liter (g/L). AKA "Sec"
cliffs. Here on the southeast coast of Sardegna the Loi family grows and makes wines from the native varieties Vermentino, Cannonau, and Monica. Cardedu is one of the island's better known (in Sardegna, at least) traditional producers, albeit becoming the accidental "cool kids" - not having set out to make "natural" wines, but rather traditional, simple wines that they have made for many years. Pro-tip: For more from this producer, check out their "Praja" Monica in our red wine section.
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Cardedu “Bucce Bianco”


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