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Bodegas Dietz Merito Manzanilla, Andalucía, Spain

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green apple skin



sea salt

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The roots of Dietz Merito date back to 1876, and the bodega is currently operated by the Espinosa family. They grow Palomino for the production of their dry
An indication of sweetness
Sweetness in a wine can result from residual sugar (RS) which is the unfermented grape sugars left over in the wine after fermentation has completed, or it can result from the addition of concentrated grape must prior to bottling in the case of sparkling wine production.
level found on the label of sparkling wine. This expression will have noticeable sweetness with 17-32 grams of residual sugar per liter (g/L). AKA "Sec"
styles of Sherry -- including the distinctive Manzanilla
A dry white wine made from Palomino grapes and aged under a layer of yeasts know as "flor." It is produced exclusively in the bodegas of Sanl√∫car de Barrameda region of Spain.
style -- aged in the historic seaside town of Sanlucar de Barrameda. The town's humid, maritime air creates an ideal environment for the development of flor
An unusual yeast that floats on the wine's surface and multiplies until it becomes a thick, protective blanket on top of the maturing wine, protecting it from oxidation and preventing the wine from darkening in color. It also imparts flor aromas like "nutty" and "bruised apple."
yeasts, the secret behind Manzanilla's characteristic salty, nutty taste and aroma. This is a completely different style of Sherry than the sweet, more oxidative
Oxidative wines are wines that have been deliberately exposed to oxygen during the winemaking process. When a white wine is exposed to oxygen (either in barrel during aging or in the bottle over time) it will begin to turn from a yellow / gold to amber - just like a cut apple sitting on the counter will turn brown when exposed to oxygen.
expressions such as Pedro Ximénez. Pair it with salty, savory courses - particularly seafood, vinegar elements, and aged cheese.
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Bodegas Dietz Merito Manzanilla


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