orange / tawny

Bodegas Barbadillo Amontillado, Andalucía, Spain

Tasting Notes

salted hazlenut


dried apricot

orange peel

Pairing Suggestions

McKees Rocks Red Pizza


Corsetti Pasta

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Created in 1821 by Benigno Barbadillo, the company its still owned today by the seventh generation of the Barbadillo family. For their "Medium Dry
An indication of sweetness
Sweetness in a wine can result from residual sugar (RS) which is the unfermented grape sugars left over in the wine after fermentation has completed, or it can result from the addition of concentrated grape must prior to bottling in the case of sparkling wine production.
level found on the label of sparkling wine. This expression will have noticeable sweetness with 17-32 grams of residual sugar per liter (g/L). AKA "Sec"
" expression of Amontillado
A style of Sherry that undergoes a dual aging process: first under the veil of flor, typical of Fino and Manzanilla, followed by a period in which the flor disappears and the wine is exposed to oxidation.
- they blend a traditionally dry, nutty Amontillado style of Sherry with the sweeter, richer Pedro Ximénez style for a unique variation of Sherry that is at once lean and savory, yet remarkably unctuous. Try this with both savory and sweet dishes.
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Bodegas Barbadillo Amontillado


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