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Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Gluten-Free Gold Ale, Stratford, CT

Non-Alcoholic Beer
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Athletic Brewing is pioneering a craft beer revolution founded by Bill Shufelt in Stratford, CT. They strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, this is the non-alcoholic beer you want to reach for - it's one of the best we've tasted. Upside Dawn is classic a Golden Ale style. Refreshing, clean, balanced, and light-bodied with subtle floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium Vienna Malt along with a combo of English and traditional American hops. Crafted to remove gluten*

*Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. This product is fermented from grains containing gluten.
225 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
(412) 505-5677

Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Gluten-Free Gold Ale


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