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Alain Graillot “Syrocco”, Zenata, Morocco

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red cherry




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McKees Rocks Red Pizza


Roasted Wild Mushroom

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Syrocco is produced by legendary Rhône vigneron
One who specializes in the cultivation or culture of grapes, especially for winemaking.
Alain Graillot and his sons, Maxine and Antoine. He stumbled upon the vineyards owned by Thalvin winery during a bike ride and thought the area was an organic
Maintaining agricultural systems without the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin, and without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides
dream with cool, unpolluted winds blowing off the Atlantic. He eventually formed a deal with the winery to farm Syrah vines on the property. The resulting wines are Old World
The traditional Old World view is that terroir
The combined natural aspects of a vineyard, such as climate, soil, sunlight, and water, that can have a major impact on the overall character and quality of a wine. While no direct English translation exists for this French term, it has long been adopted throughout the wine community.
is paramount and that grape growers and winemakers should strive to have the grapes and wine epxress nature's qualities as closely as possible. These wines are typical of classic wine regions such as France, Italy, and Spain and are marked by "earthy" characterisics rather than "fruity", lower alcohol levels, and higher acidity
Acids occur naturally in grapes, with acidity in a wine referring to its tartness level. It creates a mouthwatering sensation in the mouth and plays a vital role in providing structure and balance in a wine. Wines without enough acidity are often referred to as "flabby" (water, for example, lacks acidity).
. However, more recently the idea of "Old World" style has certainly spread to "New World" winemakers in the US, Australia, and South Africa to name a few.
Meets New World
The traditional view of New World -- though it acknowledges that terroir plays a role -- argues that grapes are simply raw materials to be molded by the winemaker into a signature style of wine to that region, often marked by riper fruit and therfore higher alcohol levels. This typically refers to such regions as the US, New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia to name a few.
with fruit-forward juiciness along with floral aromatics, great acidity and balanced tannins. Organic farming.
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Alain Graillot “Syrocco”


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